From the Mouths of Bigots

«If a woman is walking alone in the street and she is raped, then she herself is at fault. She seduces the man with her presence. She should have stayed at home as a Muslim.»

Dr Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan,
Professor of Islamic Law, Saudi-Arabia

Translation courtesy of Google Translate

It is a spineless coward, or a fellow rapist, who defends a rapist or absolves him of guilt, and blames the victim for the rapist’s crime. For all his beard, that is no real man. Real men teach their sons not to rape.

For the record, I’ve heard Christians make similar statements. It doesn’t matter which religious flag you sail under. An attitude like that makes you an dishonourable, stinking, garbage-infested low-life and an itching blemish on mankind’s bottom.

Bjørnar Andre Haveland,
Layman of Common Sense, The Real World.

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