Def-de-def-definitely* not Dustin Hoffman

Loosely reconstructed from a real-life conversation, for brevity, and the person in question was entirely serious. Evidently “atheism” is a mental disorder of some sort, and I have it.

Upon explanation of what the word actually means (politely leaving out questions regarding whether they’d been living under a rock for the last century or so), however, they were, aside from surprised at the sudden addition to their vocabulary, quite convinced that there could be no such thing, sympathetically suggesting that I was confused, offering several clumsily constructed religious reasons as evidence as to why, including “One does not simply not believe in God!”

Some people just ain’t gettin’ with the times. Seriously, dude, “Rain Man” was, like, 26 years ago 😛

* Def-de-def-definitely loosely quoted from “Miss Congeniality” (@ 1:07:20) as somewhat relevant, plus it was Sandra Bullock who said it.

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