Cookies Everywhere!

I mean, I walk into a website, and the website says “Hey! You know we use cookies, right? Cookies are good for you, and for us, but we need you to accept them before we can continue. Please click the appropriate whatsit to accept that we use cookies together!”.

And since I’m OK with that, I click the appropriate whatsit. And, what do you know, next time they ask me again. And again. Even if I check back just five minutes later, they ask me again.

You know, there’s one wonderful use for cookies, right? It’s to let the website remember stuff that I did on a previous visit. Like shopping sites remember which items I looked at previously, so it suggests those when I come back, which I think is good.

So why can’t they remember that I already answered YES, dammit! All it takes is a “Don’t ask again” checkmark box. Please. It’s getting tiring.

For the record: I know that not everyone is OK with the use of cookies, and with good reason as there are ways to misuse them that are intrusive and a threat to your privacy. I also don’t suggest you blankly OK cookies on every single site you’re on. That’s what your browser’s Incognito Mode or Private Mode is for, and this is why, on occasion, you may choose to delete browser cookies. Use your own sound judgement to protect your own privacy.

With apologies to Sesame Street.

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