First day of sleet

On this day, October 16th of 2014, I present to you two minutes of gentle but utter boredom, as I’ve been filming … the weather.

Incidentally, for those mildly interested, the sleet thickened to actual snow over the course of the evening, and by sunset it was beginning to build up on the ground rather than melt away immediately. I guess that means summer’s officially over for now.

(See Youtube page for details)

Update (with pictures):

A few hours later, after the sun had well and thoroughly set (which it tends to have done at a quarter past one in the morning), a thin, wet blanket of something closely resembling snow had settled, though temporarily, on available horizontal surfaces nearby.

First day of sleet

The balcony now features a “snow angel”, as well as a “snowterfly”, almost like a minor scene from “Frozen”. My “Olaf” plushie would have looked quite at home.

First day of sleet

Experience says the snow on the road will melt. I certainly hope it will; we still have summer tyres on our car (foremost) and aren’t allowed to change to (studded) snow tyres until November 1st … or until snow falls or roads freeze over, in which case it’s already too late if you haven’t already.

Trivia: In 1993 the snow arrived on the very same day, October 16th, and didn’t melt again until April 2004, which was good news for the Olympic Winter Games at Lillehammer, but bad news if you hadn’t changed your wheels yet.


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