Before I Click That ‘Ignore’ Button Again

Occasionally I receive friend requests from people I don’t know, of whom I’ve never heard before, and have no mutual contacts, groups, activities or interests. Those I categorically decline or ignore, on the grounds that they’re likely to be laced with ill intent, either from people looking to drag me into various sorts of scams, or from automated bots trying to get at my private, personal info, which I otherwise share only with the people on my friend list.

Quite often I see that those profiles get deleted from Facebook shortly after, which confirms my suspicion that there was something fishy going on.

But I know of a number of instances where the friend requests came from actual people who, presumably, had legitimate reasons for trying to contact me, and their requests went in the bin because that’s all I got, and nothing more came from it. What did they want? I may never know.

If for any reason you are a real person trying to get in touch with me, for whatever reason, send a message instead. I can’t and won’t personally respond to friend requests from strangers and ask who you are and what you want. That’s your job, to present yourself before you send a friend request. Otherwise it’s just spam, and I’ve no time for that.


  • If you receive a Facebook friend request from a stranger, for no apparent reason, do not accept. They may not be friendly. Simply ignore or delete.
  • If you want to contact someone on Facebook who doesn’t know you, message them first and introduce yourself before sending a friend request. It’s common courtesy.

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