Easter Blood Moon: Moon of Doom?

I was urged by a concerned friend to watch this InfoWars YouTube video posted by The Alex Jones Channel, featuring Lee Ann McAdoo, which allegedly “uncovers the potentially prophetic blood moon taking place this Saturday”.

It goes on to say, “A total lunar eclipse is rare, yet this is the third time we’ve seen a blood moon in less than a year. Does this signal a world changing event that’s soon to take place? Is this a prophecy of WWIII on the horizon?”

I know I’m probably wasting my time here, but what the hell. To those of you who are wondering if there’s actually something to this video, here’s a few pointers that I hope may help:

    The statements put forth in this InfoWars video are pure pseudo-science, mumbo-jumbo, superstition, fairy tale and utter crap.
    The moon’s apparent “blood” red colour during totality is caused by the same physics that make the sky look blue; scattering of sunlight. Blue light scatters most, green light less and red least, so the sky appears to be plain blue to slightly greenish blue depending on the angle from the sun. Likewise, when the moon is in the Earth’s full shadow, some light filters through the Earth’s atmosphere and falls on the moon. Since most of the blue is scattered away, it gets mostly red light. Just how bright and how red depends on Earth atmospheric conditions such as cloud cover. The only reason to use the word “blood” in this context is that it is intimidating.
    The Earth’s shadow forms a large circle, compared to the moon. The moon may pass through the shadow (totality) anywhere from top to bottom. It’s widest at the middle, i.e. along the equator, so if the moon goes through there it will take the longest. This time it was right at the top, almost touching the edge of shadow, where it’s at its narrowest, and consequently that took far less time, mere minutes compared to hours.

  4. Graphic taken from www.timeanddate.com, showing the moon’s
    position within the Earth’s shadow at time of maximum.

    The Easter holiday (and thus Easter vigil) is timed by the full moon, as are many other religious holidays in various religions. All lunar eclipses take place at full moon. Sooner or later, and repeatedly on a larger time scale, these two events WILL coincide. Easter Sunday (or whatever your particular religious designation may be) is the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21st. Thus there is about a 1/7 chance that Easter Vigil falls on a full moon. Calculate that against the occurrences of lunar eclipses, and there you have the odds. It won’t be extremely frequent, but sooner or later it is bound to happen.
    They point out that there is a “tetrad” of lunar eclipses, four in a row over an unusually short time span. Uncommon as it might seem, there is nothing abnormal about it. Many astronomical events are cyclic, meaning they repeat themselves at certain regular intervals. The Moon orbits the Earth once every 30 days (actually 29.53 days). The Earth orbits the Sun every 365 days (actually 365.24 days). These two cycles overlap but aren’t in tune. Also, those orbits aren’t precisely aligned, so that to us, the Sun and the Moon will appear to bob slightly up and down relative to each other. The bobbing is also cyclic, but not quite in tune with the Earth’s 365.24 day orbit or the Moon’s 30 day orbit. This creates something akin to a seemingly irregular, chaotic pattern of repetition when seen on a shorter time scale. On a larger time scale it will smooth out and look like regular occurrences, much like the motions of the pendulums in this video:
    If anything happens at all connected to the lunar eclipses, it’s because the makers of these doomsday predictions are scaring people so much that things are going to shits anyway. Tell people the economy will fail, they will stop spending money, and consequently the economy will fail. Tell them that war is coming, they will prepare for war, and a bunch of scared people with weapons (considering the volatility of the situation in the Middle-East this could easily happen, no, wait, there’s actually war there already) is enough to start one (or they can claim that tons of praying helped prevent it). Furthermore, bad things happen all the time, and it’s all to easy to look at some disaster which happens after an eclipse and say, “yeah, the eclipse caused that”. The eclipse doesn’t do this, it is people like these and people who believe them who do this.
    Obviously a word they’re only barely familiar with, or which they choose to ignore or twist beyond recognition to serve their own agenda. The best antidote to bullshit pseudoscience is to read up on science yourself. Keep in mind that you don’t need to be an actual scientist in order to grasp the basics, which is all you need to protect yourself against this sort of thing.

So rest assured that if anything bad happens, it would have happened regardless of the eclipse. If nothing bad happens, it wouldn’t have happened anyway. Don’t let these people frighten you or mislead you with their quasi-religious quackery. There are natural explanations for everything. If I can ease the mind of just one person here, my time spent writing this will have been well invested.

Also posted on the YouTube video comment thread, was directed to the video via their Facebook post.

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