The Necessary Rainbow

First and foremost:


… to all LGBT people I know, as well as those that I don’t, both in America and everywhere else. Hopefully this monumental change in USA, as of June 26th 2015, will have a positive influence on nations around the world that have yet to catch up and do the right and civilized thing.

Source photo from NASA, Apollo 17.

I offer this simple, rainbow-endowed Earth-From-Space picture as an expression of my wholehearted support of something that quite honestly shouldn’t need it, simply because it ought to be anybody’s right to love and marry whoever they like without shame or restriction, and without interference and protest from people who really, really ought to mind their own bloody business, and particularly keep their noses out of other people’s homes and bedrooms.

The fact that it takes a vote or a court order in order to allow consentual love and marriage between adults, regardless of gender or colour or anything else is a tragedy, as well as a travesty, born out of intolerance, bigotry, fear, ignorance and twisted religion, not necessarily in that order, separately or combined, and shows that as a civilization we have a long, long road left to travel before we eventually reach maturity. At least this is another one of those small, small steps that show those of us who care that we are moving forward, on the right path, edging ever so slowly closer to that horizon.

Best of luck to us all.


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