Super Blood Moon in Nyack

My Nikon and I spent a good portion of last night outside, in the shadows behind the Super 8 hotel in Nyack, New York, getting away from the worst of the street lights, taking pictures of the Blood Moon and having a Mexican beer with Hassid from Yonkers who just drove in from Virginia and his buddy from New Zealand whose name presently escapes me (sorry mate), talking about cameras and lenses and Star Wars and space exploration and the Venus passages in 2004 and 2010 and the end of the world and how that failed to happen again but at least this would have been a lovely night for it.

Strictly speaking, at the time of writing this, with September 29th still not at its end, the prophesied apocalypse still has a few hours left in which to happen, if we’re to be completely formal about it. However, experience dictates that it ain’t gonna happen, again, as usual.

Timing wise, I was lucky. At home in Norway, the eclipse started around 04:00 (4am), whereas in the state of New York it began at more comfortable 20:11 (8:11pm). I only discovered this after I booked the trip, so that was a pleasant surprise. The down side was clouds which during totality reduced visibility to nearly nothing about 75 percent of the time.

Although this is my second lunar eclipse this year, it’s my first eclipse of any kind in the United States. Also, it’s my first beer this year, my first ever Mexican beer, and my first ever beer on American soil. Cheers!

Now, sitting in a hotel room without a proper computer at hand it’s a bit tricky to get pictures from a DSLR and on to the Internet, so this little bouquet of shots are taken with my iPhone of the preview display on the back of the Nikon. Not premium quality, but it’s better than nothing.

Equipment used: Nikon D7000, Tamron 70–300mm at full zoom, tripod, IR remote.

Blood Moon on the back of a Nikon
At 21:28 (9:28pm EST, 03:28 CET, 01:28 UTC).
Crossing the boundary between penumbra (partial shadow) and umbra (full shadow), still the good ol’ grey rock.

Blood Moon on the back of a Nikon
At 22:56 (10:56pm EST, 04:56 CET, 02:56 UTC).
Well within the full, solid shadow of the Earth, “bathed in blood”.

Blood Moon on the back of a Nikon
The Nikon preview display


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