Super Blood Moon in Nyack: Higher Rez

It’s been nearly a week, so it’s about time to get these up. The previous post featured hastily gathered pictures of the Blood Moon taken with an iPhone off the display on the back of my Nikon, for lack of a proper way of getting the SLR shots online in my Nyack hotel room, which is my own fault for not bringing the laptop with me. However, one does what one can with what one has at hand.

This was a happy coincidence. I knew of the upcoming eclipse, of course, but had completely forgotten to take into account where I was going to be. At home, in Norway, it was scheduled for an unforgiving 02:11 to 07:22, which would be a cold experience, and I doubt I would have been able to stay awake for the whole event, not to mention go to work afterwards. As it happened, I was instead in Nyack, about a ninety minute bus ride north of New York City, where the eclipse took place six hours earlier in the night, with very comfortable temperatures throughout, and no work the next day.

Eclipse schedule and animation at

Unfortunately the sky was blemished by an increasing and randomly spotty cloud cover which made it difficult to get good pictures, and I had to give up before the moon came out of the full shadow. These are some of the better shots from that night.

Equipment: Nikon D7000 DSLR, Velbon tripod, Tamron 70–300mm at full zoom, IR remote shutter, a bit of patience and a surprise Mexican beer.
Thanks to Hassid from Yonkers and his friend from New Zealand (whose name escapes me, sorry mate) for company, pleasant chat and beer during the shoot.

EDT = Eastern Daylight savings Time
UTC = Universal Coordinated Time
CEST = Central European Summer Time.

All photos © Bjørnar Andre Haveland.
Images hosted on Click for larger versions.

Blood Moon: From Shadow To Blood

Blood Moon: From Shadow To Blood
27-Sep-2015 @ 21:28 EDT, 01:28 UTC, 03:28 CEST, DSC_1691

Still looking its good old grey self, the Moon is making its way from the penumbra¹ to the umbra². The half-lit part of the Moon is still so bright, the “red” part of the shadow looks completely black.

1) penumbra = half shadow, 2) umbra = full shadow.

Blood Moon and Plane Lights

Blood Moon and Plane Lights
27-Sep-2015 @ 22:25 EDT, 02:25 UTC, 04:25 CEST, DSC_1702

Never did I ever come so close to landing an aeroplane on the Moon! However, at that particular moment the infrared remote shutter decided to hang, making for a longer pause when I clicked to shoot and, voila, the plane escaped. Oh well, it was an almost cool shot! The wobble in the traces from the wing-tip lanterns is most likely caused by atmospheric disturbance.

Blood Moon: Early Blood

Blood Moon: Early Blood
27-Sep-2015 @ 22:31 EDT, 02:31 UTC, 04:31 CEST, DSC_1718

In the first half of totality. The Moon is low within the circle of shadow, so the bottom right edge is slightly brighter than the rest.

Blood Moon: Late Blood

Blood Moon: Late Blood
27-Sep-2015 @ 22:56 EDT, 02:56 UTC, 04:56 CEST, DSC_1739

Just past mid-totality, still low in the Earth’s shadow, moving leftwards, so now the bottom left is slightly brighter. Almost immediately after this the cloud cover grew more aggressive, so I decided to call it a night.

Blood Moon: Wide Blood

Blood Moon: Wide Blood
27-Sep-2015 @ 22:57 EDT, 02:57 UTC, 04:57 CEST, DSC_1740

A wider wallpaper-sized shot with more sky and a few faint stars.


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