Moon in Coloured Sky

The Moon is more than just a bright light in the sky. For starters, it’s our nearest neighbour in the Universe. It’s also almost big enough to be a planet in its own right — bigger than Pluto, who admittedly isn’t an actual planet anymore, and really not that much smaller than Mercury, who still is (hush, don’t tell Neil deGrasse Tyson). It gives us tides, and helps to ever so slightly massage the crust of the Earth to keep things in motion. We’ve even had people walking on it, for goodness’ sake. It looks rather pretty in clouds, and every now and then it teams up with the Sun to scare the willies out of people who think an eclipse means the world is going to end.

Photos © Bjørnar Andre Haveland
Click images to see larger versions.

Moon in Morning Clouds
Hanging out with twigs in blue-gray clouds, at 08:44 on 30-Nov-15.

This (above) is actually a composite of two nearly identical pictures; the first taken with the Moon in focus, and the branches blurry, and the second with the branches in focus and the moon a blur. These were later aligned and merged in Photoshop Elements to form a picture that is in sharp focus throughout.

Pink Moonrise
Rising in a pinkish, purplish sky, at 17:24 on 08-Nov-2011.

Majestic as it looks in the dark night sky, surrounded by the blackness of deep space, it really comes to life during twilight and daylight. This is when it bathes in colour, and looking anywhere from beautiful to stylish to downright fabulous.


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