Dude, Did You Check The Almanac?

Dude, Did You Check the Almanac?

Perhaps somebody ought to tell this little guy it’s December 10th! But then again it’s also a good ‘n cozy +10°C outside, even if in fact it’s in the middle of winter (December 8 is supposedly the darkest day of the year), so I can’t really fault him for getting it wrong.

Butterfly Christmas this year, anyone?

Edit: Sadly, it wasn’t going to last. When I walked by the same spot the next day, in temperature just barely above freezing, I found him maybe 10cm (4in) away from where he’d been, lying utterly motionless, covered in frost. No picture, because I’m a sentimental fool and didn’t feel like it.

Incidentally, this is just one of many pictures that show how hopelessly crap the iPhone camera system is. There’s no point in having a sensor resolution of eight megapixels and wonderful optics, if the post processing and noise reduction mercilessly washes out all detail. My first digital compact (in 2003) had four megapixels, but no post processing, and those photos looked crystal clear by comparison. I do miss the old Canon Ixus 400.



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