Dragon’s Wing Unleashed

I’m happy to announce on behalf of my friend Marie Green that her newest book “Dragon’s Wing” is now available at Amazon and other retailers, both as paperback and Kindle edition.

Dragon's Wing cover

This book should appeal to any and all, from teenagers and up, who enjoy a good fantasy story, especially when there are dragons involved. I won’t give away any important plot spoilers, except the introductory blurb on the back cover:

With the kingdom of Maraquay on the brink of a devastating war with the dragons, only one woman dares speak of tolerance and peace. Can Melynda alone stand up to both sides, and stop the impending bloodshed?

Once you embark on this journey, there will be adventure, drama, suspense, excitement and danger, yea, even the spilling of innocent blood! And yes, there will be dragons. Having also read and thoroughly enjoyed other fantasy stories by, for example, Tolkien and Pratchett, as well as Anne McCaffrey‘s Dragonriders of Pern series, I feel that this book speaks to me.

Incidentally, this is also the second time that I find myself involved in Marie’s creative process of making a book, which, from the viewpoint of an audience, is not entirely unlike witnessing a pregnancy; the conception, growth and development, and subsequent birth of her beloved brainchild. It’s an exciting journey, following a manuscript from early drafts, through numerous revisions, to the finished product (though I’ve learned that, in the eyes of an author, no book is never truly finished; you simply reach a point where it’s a matter of publish, or else!).

So what’s next? Now that Marie has created the imagined kingdom universe of Maraquay, with most of its people, landscape and history yet unexplored, I think it’s not at all impossible that we may revisit these lands in later books. But as “Dragon’s Wing” is fundamentally different from her first book, it’s equally likely that she will also try her hand at other genres. Her previously published title, “Club Erotica”, is a murder mystery which, as the name suggests, is aimed specifically at more grown-up readers. The difference couldn’t be greater, which speaks of a wide storytelling range.

The full cover image, by Arvata.

Finally, as a proud father, I feel I must also mention that the lovely cover illustration is by my oldest daughter, working under her artist name Arvata, this being her second published book cover! I had the pleasure myself of editing the cover layout (simply setting it up to match the dimensions of the printed format) and writing the introductory blurb on the back, making this at least in part a family project.

All in all, it has been an adventure, and a pleasure 🙂

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