It is Protected!

The list of strange and fascinating things in the sky is longer than any one human being could reasonably hope to explore in a single natural lifetime, and this is equally true regardless of whether we only look exclusively at the ones that are strange, the ones that are fascinating, those that are both, or any combination of the aforementioned. Space is, in a word, mindbogglingly huge! I realize that’s two words, not one, but you probably catch my drift: It’s that big.

On September 19, 2012, NASA posted a Hubble Space Telescope image of the planetary nebula NGC 5189 in the southern sky constellation Musca as their Astronomy Picture Of The Day (APOD).

Image by NASA

And it is indeed a wonderful looking object. Majestic in posture, mesmerizing with its swirls and colours, it practically invites, nay, compels the eye to gaze upon it. At some three thousand light years distant, it’s certainly a cosmic landmark. Yet for all its otherworldly appearance, one cannot quite shake the almost haunting sensation that there is something eerily familiar about it, as if only you squinted the right way, or saw it from the correct angle, you would instantly recognize it for what it really is.

Naturally, this image, which is taken from a low Earth orbit, is what that nebula looks like from our side, in our line of sight. What, then, does it look like from the other side, another three thousand light years hence? With the limitations of our current space travel technology we simply have no way of actually going there to have a look for ourselves. However, if we simply rotate the image by 180 degrees around the vertical axis, in order to simulate by primitive means the directly opposite perspective, then it is no longer possible to miss what the swirly shape really resembles.

Click the image for larger version.

Right there, right in the middle of that celestial symbol, is where you would find us, our home in the Cosmos, with our Sun and our Earth. This is a sign, a message, perhaps even a warning. And since from our vantage point we see it inverted I can only assume that, whatever meaning it carries, the message isn’t intended for us. It has to be for whoever might be looking this way from that direction.

Considering all of the above, this message, put into words, can mean only one thing:

“Do not come this way.
Do not approach this world.
It is protected.”

And now we know by whom.

If ever we had truly compelling, irrefutable evidence that he exists and protects us, then this, without a sliver of doubt, is it!

And that leaves me with two questions. First, who, or what, is in that direction that needs to be shown such a warning when they look at us? And second, should they happen to come this way, would the son of Jor-El then be powerful enough to stop them?


5 thoughts on “It is Protected!

      1. That would be SO cool! Keep looking, it’s bound to be there somewhere. What a great post that will make. 🙂

      2. Considering that Karen “Amy Pond” Gillian of TARDIS fame played the ass-kicking, blue-skinned warrior Nebula in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, we might just possibly be on to something …

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