iPhone: Getting Flickr Image URLs

I often take pictures with my iPhone 5S whilst out and about, and occasionally I’d like to post some of them here on my WordPress blog, still whilst out and about, and without immediate access to a computer, instead of waiting until later. I also use Flickr, the photo website, and my preferred method is to upload photos to Flickr, and then link to them from the blog (otherwise I’d quickly exhaust my free WordPress account’s 3GB storage quota — yeah, I’m that cheap).

That’s kinda difficult on an iPhone.


  • The Flickr app only lets you share the shortlink, which links to the image page rather than the image itself.
    (Example: https://flic.kr/p/DvZ6fi)
  • The mobile Flickr site gives you nothing, it has no share option at all.
  • It is for some reason impossible to copy the embed code from the full version of the Flickr website.
    (If anyone has a method for getting at the embed code on iPhone, I’m all ears because that would solve this whole problem. I’ve tested with Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini and Opera Coast, no luck.)

Now, fact is that WordPress actually supports posting images with the Flickr shortlink, to an extent, but hardly satisfactory. It will show up something like this:

And don’t get me wrong, it is indeed a picture, but it’s a teeny weeny 320 pixels wide thumbnail view, practically a stamp, whereas I would very much prefer a larger version, such as this one at 640 pixels wide:


You will probably notice a “slight” difference in size, and it’s this slight difference that I am after.


After a fair bit of frustration, trying to get the embed code the way I wanted it, and perusing various online forums and help pages, including those at Flickr, I ended up with this slightly cumbersome but working procedure:

  1. In the Flickr app, open the picture you want, click on the Share button (the arrow in the bottom right corner) and select Copy URL.
  2. Open the URL in Safari or other web browser. If it opens in mobile version, click the flickr.com link at the bottom left to get the full site.
  3. Click the Download icon (downwards pointing arrow to the lower right of the image*).
  4. Click on View all sizes.
  5. Click on the image size you want* so that it opens on the screen.
  6. Press and hold the image until you get the long-press menu at the bottom.
  7. Click on Copy to copy the image URL.
  8. Paste the URL into your blog or wherever you want it.

*you may have to zoom in quite a bit first to access small links and icons.

Of course, according to Flickr’s terms and conditions, you are supposed to link images back to the corresponding photo page on the Flickr site, but you can do that using the shortlink, as in this example:

<a href="https://flic.kr/p/DvZ6fi">
<img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1568/24624517833_f450b9bbc5_z.jpg">

So, with all that said, I simply hope that my efforts can be of help to anyone else. Please leave your thoughts in a comment if you feel like sharing.


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  1. Nice. I have a similar problem. Lots of photos and jokes are available on messengers like line app and whatsapp. I need to push them to my WordPress blog. Your post has given me an idea.

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