Sun’s Up … Again!

Much as I love taking pictures of sunrises, I feel there’s a limit to how many different titles I can come up with. That is, if the title is going to have anything to do with the image matter at hand. Without such considerations, I could get really, really weird indeed — in fact I might have to.

And yes, I know I ought to be utterly, utterly ashamed of myself, but these are both icky iPhone photos, taken whilst having a fully functional Nikon ready to pick up and shoot from the bag slung over my shoulder. It’s just that … getting the pictures off the Nikon and on to the web is something of a long and tedious route, especially when I’m at work, which is where I was headed.

“The path to the Dark Side is quicker,
easier, more seductive.”

— Master Yoda

Photos are copyright 2016 © Bjørnar Andre Haveland.
Click images for larger views.

This could be called Barbecue Bay. It’s where the camera club at work have our occasional outings, just past that rugged pier on the right, complete with charcoal, ignition fuel and “which one of you guys was supposed to bring the matches this time?”, and we usually manage to get a fire going, one way or another. Hot dogs and happy times.

That weird, turd-like structure on the lower right is apparently some kind of sculpture, the origin and purpose of which I find myself completely oblivious to. It was erected earlier this winter, if indeed “erected” a suitable word for something that looks more like it has been dropped by accident, but then again a lot of modern art goes right above my head. Anyway, it certainly is a splash of colour, and a cheerful pink one at that.

“We don’t make mistakes,
just happy little accidents.”

— Bob Ross

3 thoughts on “Sun’s Up … Again!

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      1. I think you have a better eye than that! A sunrise is a soft, pastel thing loaded with the promise of a new day. Sunset is a fiery thing, angry! Guess the day didn’t go too well. Of course if you’re a night person this whole idea isn’t worth a hill of beans. 😉

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