Through a Dirty Bus Window

I have a one hour bus ride home from work, and yes, the windows today were pretty dirty. That didn’t matter much, because there was something of a fog as well. Now, fogs can be amazing, as they do all sorts of things to your surroundings, from artful to downright spooky. Then again, they can be infuriatingly difficult to photograph just right. I was helped quite a bit by the low light of the early evening sun, but from the lots and lots and lots of exposures that I fired off on the iPhone, only these five turned out anything close to worthwhile. On the up side, though, I got five reasonably worthwhile photos out of the exercise, and that’s got to count for something, right?

Remember that thing about the glass being half full or half empty?

Newsflash: Glasses are refillable! Cheers!

Photos are copyright 2016 © Bjørnar Andre Haveland.
Click images for larger views.

Photos taken with an iPhone 5S, edited in Camera+.


4 thoughts on “Through a Dirty Bus Window

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  1. Amazing what that iPhone can do. I wouldn’t mind hanging one of these on my wall. If I could make up my mind which one.

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