The Two Extremes

One side wants women to be objects of property, the other wants women to be objects of sexual desire, both of which are hardly different from the other in terms of respect for women as human beings.

There needs to be another version of this animation, where the woman slaps both men silly, then proceeds to wear and do whatever the heck she wants, and walks off with a man, or woman, who respects her and treats her as an equal.

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  1. It’s a common misinterpretation. Mens (and womwns) need to cover women, hiding them, hiding their bodies and making them objects either way. Turning them into property.

    We forget that in no way has this got to do with anything nonrelated to sex..

    Controle a human beings sexuality and you own them. You take the very core of who they are in the most intimate way from them. By doing that you take over their lives.

    And this is what repression is. Wether it’s men or women who are abused, and “put in their place”.

    And the thing is, none of the men you portrait is any better than the other. They are both determined that the woman is a sexual being foir their pleasure.
    Making them equally abusive and invasive.

    Religion just makes these attitudes easier to present.
    Lies are told in every part of society.
    And none of them are more true just because they are told by Europeans 🙂

    So my point is this is a problem of people, not necessarily religion 🙂
    But you already knew that 🙂

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