On Adoption – Birth Date Revised

If you're born in a Western country like England, Germany, Norway or USA, chances are that you're well aware of such little details as your date of birth. Being born and raised a Norwegian, besides remembering being thrilled whenever we celebrated my birthday as a child, I rarely give my date of birth much thought, … Continue reading On Adoption – Birth Date Revised


Gotcha Day — Making a Travesty of a Tragedy

Dear Holt International Children's Services. Today, January 9th, is the 45th anniversary of my better half's "Gotcha Day" in 1970, which YOU served to facilitate. You will no doubt be proud to know that this ruined her childhood and pretty much all of her adult life. She, like so many others, was adopted as an … Continue reading Gotcha Day — Making a Travesty of a Tragedy

Rapidly growing fewer; May wanna keep those kids

At their current birth rate, there will be no South Koreans by 2750.— The QI Elves (@qikipedia) September 4, 2014 Which is something the South Koreans currently in existence might want keep in mind at their current foreign adoption rate. And I say this as someone who is living with, and has done so for … Continue reading Rapidly growing fewer; May wanna keep those kids

Cries of the Soul

I'm proud to have been involved in the making of this book, as editor and general consultant, and in the process I have learned quite a lot not only about book publishing, but also more relevantly about adoption, specifically international adoption, and its effects on those who are adopted. In the nearly two years that … Continue reading Cries of the Soul

Daddy’s Girl is not Daddy’s Wife!

Iran passes new bill that lets men marry adopted daughters Within the same month as the news told of an eight year old girl in Yemen died from internal injuries sustained from being forced to perform her "marital duties" to her 40 year old husband on her wedding night, a man five times her own … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl is not Daddy’s Wife!