Basket Primadonna Case

In the several years since we got it, we've never actually caught Suri using her basket weave cat bed. We still haven't. This is the neighbour's cat's identical bed that she's taken up residence in. Poor Caesar isn't allowed to use his own, and she sure as heck won't let him use hers either. The … Continue reading Basket Primadonna Case


Birds of Paradise (video)

Now there's some very fine-feathered friends! And they certainly make me feel ever so underdressed on the rare occasion that I go out, what with my fashion sense having gone completely missing since forever and all. Trust me. This is fireworks. Full screen view warmly recommended. “The Birds-of-Paradise Project reveals the astounding beauty of 39 … Continue reading Birds of Paradise (video)

What the Mighty Huntress brought in

After the initial shock of discovery has worn off, we're still debating whether she actually laid down her prey, or decided to go for the more characteristic approach of collecting fallen fruit, so to speak. Either way, this unfortunate feathered fellow had been discretely and unceremoniously deposited on the living room floor in our absence, … Continue reading What the Mighty Huntress brought in

Four-Deer Wildlife Encounter

Moments are brief, they arrive unannounced, and if you don't pay attention they'll be gone before you even notice them. So also with this one, which occurred on February 21, a Friday, just before 7 pm,. In a time span of more or less what it takes to shake your head and wonder what just happened, … Continue reading Four-Deer Wildlife Encounter

Because Murmurations

I learned a new word today: "Murmurations" Had you asked me about it yesterday, I might have guessed, more or less correctly, that it had to do with "a low, continuous sound, as of a brook, the wind, or trees, or of low, indistinct voices" (as copied from But that just covers half of … Continue reading Because Murmurations