Moving iCloud from C

  I use an iPhone and an iPad, and subscribe to 200GB of iCloud storage which I also sync to my Windows 10 computer using the iCloud sync software. This means that the files I store to iCloud from my two Apple devices are also available on my PC. The problem is that Apple's iCloud … Continue reading Moving iCloud from C


Online Music, Deleted Files

I find it diffcult to be certain whether the scenario in the article is an entirely accurate account of what happened, and if it is, whether it's due to a mistake or a misunderstanding on the part of the author. Working in tech support, my experience tells me that is as likely, as if the … Continue reading Online Music, Deleted Files

Amiga: Happy 30th Anniversary!

Sometimes nostalgia comes up from nowhere and smacks you up the head. I only realized moments ago that today is the Commodore Amiga's 30th anniversary! And by 'realized' I mean it just suddenly appeared in my Facebook news feed from someone else who found out about it in much the same way. As a general … Continue reading Amiga: Happy 30th Anniversary!

Asus S56CB Laptop – Windows 8 Reinstallation

(tl;dr at the bottom) My daughter's beloved laptop decided to crash on Friday, not 24 hours after we'd made a full backup of her personal files. That's a little too close to comfort. The backup was because several of her programs as well as Windows Update had begun to misbehave, so we figured a full … Continue reading Asus S56CB Laptop – Windows 8 Reinstallation

Battlefield 1942: Not Dead Yet!

Life took an abrupt and uncomfortable turn when the game tracking service GameSpy was retired, which effectively punctured the gaming experience for Battlefield 1942 enthusiasts. Suddenly our games would go hang, and it was no longer possible to find servers to play on. Fortunately someone had the initiative and the means to do something about … Continue reading Battlefield 1942: Not Dead Yet!