Windows ‘could not connect to all network drives’

Innocent, but annoying, and should be easier to fix than it is. Important: Please read the disclaimer section at the end before you attempt to do any of the things described in this article. The problem Every time I start my computer, I get the annoying error message "Windows could not connect to all network... Continue Reading →

If iCloud Drive Gets Stuck

Edit: Although initially the solution described below seemed to work, the problem reappeared in less than a week. However this time it seems to come and go, as opposed to not working at all. Your experience may vary. I use iCloud Drive on a Windows 10 computer, and it worked well until recently when all... Continue Reading →

Battlefield 1942: Not Dead Yet!

Life took an abrupt and uncomfortable turn when the game tracking service GameSpy was retired, which effectively punctured the gaming experience for Battlefield 1942 enthusiasts. Suddenly our games would go hang, and it was no longer possible to find servers to play on. Fortunately someone had the initiative and the means to do something about... Continue Reading →

JAVA update? Not from THIS source!

First things first: Only download your software from proper, official websites. For example: Software Proper download address Java or Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash Player or These are just three off the top of my head, for starters. Never let yourself be tricked into downloading software, or updates for... Continue Reading →

If you thought the current NSA controversy was anything new …

With all the NSA controversy of late, it might be relevant to dig up a little tidbit from the previous millennium. This article from dates back to 1999: How NSA access was built into Windows Careless mistake reveals subversion of Windows by NSA. Duncan Campbell 04.09.1999 A CARELESS mistake by Microsoft programmers has revealed... Continue Reading →

Setting up a D-Link DI-524 router as a switch

Wikipedia uses this image as an example of an early wireless router. Update 21-June-2014: Add an IP address to the router to enable further configuration (see green text and box below) Update 17-April-2015: Screenshots from the D-Link DI-524 setup (see red markings in directions, and actual shots below). You may click on the images to... Continue Reading → på norsk

Har du problemer med å finne OpenOffice i norsk versjon? Det hadde jeg også. På tilbys for tiden kun versjon 3.40, og bare på en knippe språk som dessverre ikke inkluderer norsk. Men hvis du istedet går til kan du laste ned den norske utgaven (både bokmål og nynorsk) av versjon 3.30, både... Continue Reading →

Hvordan legge til svigerinner og svogere som familie på Facebook

Sliter du med å legge til svigerinne eller svoger som famile på Facebook? I den norske språkdrakten er nemlig verken "svigerinne" eller "svoger" tatt med som alternativer du kan velge. Men det finnes en løsning: Bytt språk til engelsk Legg til svigerinne som "Sister-in-law", og/eller svoger som "Brother-in-law" Bytt tilbake til norsk språk Nå står... Continue Reading →

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