Norwegian Street Names #1

"So I took a different route from the bus stop to the office today, which culminated in a rather unmanly, girlish giggle." "Dick's Way" To make matters worse — or better, depending on your sense of humour — this street intersects with "Bombakken", which creatively translates to "Bum Hill". Well, actually more like "Gate Hill" … Continue reading Norwegian Street Names #1


Just a moment … Oh, there it went! I could of course say that it was on purpose, and that I was going to wait for 8:09:10 PM, except we don't do PM in this house. No, siree. We're civilized Norwegians who follow a 24 hour clock, and no ifs or buts about it. Someone suggested that I might have waited for … Continue reading Just a moment … Oh, there it went!

Terrorist Threat Alert (as NOT written by John Cleese)

 The venerable John Cleese, looking perhaps a tad miffed, or peeved, that people are still, wrongly, attributing this text to him. I picked this one from the Facebook wall of a friend because I thought it was brilliant. However, before we cut to the cheese (did you see what I did there?) I'll take a … Continue reading Terrorist Threat Alert (as NOT written by John Cleese)

Uup! Goes The Element

According to science press¹, people in white lab² coats and protective goggles at Lund University in Sweden have managed to produce a new element (number 115 of the Periodic Table, to be pedantic about it, a slot which, based on this, I take to have been hitherto vacant and aching for tenants) by banging together … Continue reading Uup! Goes The Element

Abstract yourself through the Cuils of life

The Cuil is a unit of measurement, where one Cuil is one level of abstraction away from any given real-life situation. I don't know what it says about me when I think that this makes perfect sense, but then again, for reasons unknown, most conversations in our home, especially the ones involving myself and either … Continue reading Abstract yourself through the Cuils of life