The Like Button

Note: this blog post is "in the raw" as it's written in a hurry, and its content may be edited later for corrections, additions, retractions or anything that fits the passing whims of the author. Recently there have been words in the press about Facebook's new and upcoming Unlike button, which differs greatly from earlier … Continue reading The Like Button

Cookies Everywhere!

I mean, I walk into a website, and the website says "Hey! You know we use cookies, right? Cookies are good for you, and for us, but we need you to accept them before we can continue. Please click the appropriate whatsit to accept that we use cookies together!". And since I'm OK with that, … Continue reading Cookies Everywhere!

You MUST Watch This Video!

Though only 15 minutes long, this video reveals some of the deepest secrets about life, the Universe and everything. Watching it will be a life-changing experience! Be advised, however: Due to the sensitive nature of the information herein, viewing of this video has been limited to certain regions only. For remember that knowledge is power, … Continue reading You MUST Watch This Video!

Don’t Be A Creepy Stalker — We Have NSA For That

Actually quite to the point, and quite important. But wait, what? … There's actually a website dedicated to "Women Who Eat On Tubes"? I guess after 17 years on the Internet I shouldn't be at all surprised, but still … Apparently there's a fetish for everyone. [Link to article on] Before you fall for the … Continue reading Don’t Be A Creepy Stalker — We Have NSA For That