The Two Extremes

One side wants women to be objects of property, the other wants women to be objects of sexual desire, both of which are hardly different from the other in terms of respect for women as human beings. There needs to be another version of this animation, where the woman slaps both men silly, then proceeds... Continue Reading →


As the world goes potty: Outhouse pics!

Taking a much needed minor mental break from U.S. Presidential Elections, world-wide terrorism and a thousand other terrible things in the news, with a handful of photos that I took in 2007 of the old outhouse at my aunt's summer cottage in Sunde, Sunnhordland, Norway. This is about as countryside as it gets. This outhouse... Continue Reading →

No bridge over troubling water

No bridge over troubling water My work as a tech supporter can sometimes be quite challenging. However, every so often getting to work poses its own little challenges. So also this early afternoon, after a somewhat rainy night. Apparently this is where precipitation goes when it gets bored. My meteorological Nemesis. Behold Lake Dareya, a.k.a.... Continue Reading →

Excellent road safety ad

We all make mistakes. Sometimes it's you, sometimes it's someone else, and sometimes it's both. Drive carefully, always look twice, and don't take unnecessary risks. Even if you do it right, someone else may not. It could boil down to this: It's not about getting there first, it's about getting there alive. The first... Continue Reading →

Link: 25 Reminders Of What ‘Obscene’ Really Is

Upset by Miley Cyrus' recent performance much? Fancy using the word 'obscene' a lot, about girls and women, and their behaviour? Here's a little perspective-twister. Some of these points are endemic to USA, others are global, just about all of them involve men and their attitudes towards women — and every single one of them... Continue Reading →

Happy 16th Birthday to Malala: The Girl Who Lived!

Yesterday, July 12th, 2013, was Malala Yousafzai's 16th birthday. Had the assassins of Taliban had their will, she would not have lived to see it. Instead, against all odds, against the thugs and the bullets of the Taliban, she stood before the United Nations, speaking on behalf of all those who are denied education and... Continue Reading →

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