The Murder of Day

With head heavy, eyelids heavier, hand tightly gripping the handle of a pint mug of tea, by now half empty and barely warmer than its surroundings, I sit quietly in a daze, resisting with all my strength the urge to doze off, listening intently to the silence of the room around me, and the whispers … Continue reading The Murder of Day


An American Eclipse in Donaldland

"This American solar eclipse, a terrific eclipse, believe me, and I know this, and it's one hundred percent American, not Mexican, and not Chinese, even if those fake news sites will have you believe so, which happens just in my first year as President, an amazing year so far, is far more spectacular, amazingly spectacular, … Continue reading An American Eclipse in Donaldland

As the world goes potty: Outhouse pics!

Taking a much needed minor mental break from U.S. Presidential Elections, world-wide terrorism and a thousand other terrible things in the news, with a handful of photos that I took in 2007 of the old outhouse at my aunt's summer cottage in Sunde, Sunnhordland, Norway. This is about as countryside as it gets. This outhouse … Continue reading As the world goes potty: Outhouse pics!

My 16th Tech Support Anniversary

Today, according to the company database, 16 years have gone by since my first employee email account was created. My 0x10* anniversary, if you like. * The computer term 0x10, or 1016 or 10h, means hexadecimal 10, which is 16 in human terms. This reference only proves what is already well known: that I am … Continue reading My 16th Tech Support Anniversary