Resident Tweet

As the most recent instalment in the ongoing series “Look What The Cat Dragged In”, this is a different bird from that which I posted earlier (on Instagram, with video on YouTube). Whereas we did manage to find the home of the previous one (and we hope very much that it's doing well), this one... Continue Reading →

About time … and time again

The ancient druids would have been beside themselves with excitement! Found the original on the webs but in awful condition. Located a better resolution and less mangled original image (still uncredited), reworked the text (top half), added some of my own (bottom half), and, well, in the words of Goldblum, there it is! Personally I... Continue Reading →

Confronting the Sparrow

When I arrived at work today, having just parked in the basement garage and was headed for the entrance, I got intercepted and verbally assaulted by … a sparrow! I have no idea what he wanted, as my Sparrowish is worse than rusty, but for an entertaining couple of minutes the little feathered fellow was... Continue Reading →

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