Forgetting Passwords

It's perfectly human to forget passwords. After all, most of us have a whole bunch of them, too many to keep track of in your head, especially when they all have to be different, and long and complex enough to be reasonably unbreakable. What most people seldom realise is, in most cases it's perfectly all right... Continue Reading →

Moment of Mars and Moon

So last night while out driving I saw one of the prettiest sights I've seen in the sky: the half moon shining pale and yellow through a thin and wavy veil of clouds, illuminating them like a frosted glass landscape from within, and flanked on its left side, barely a fist's width distant, by the... Continue Reading →

February Snow at Lysaker Station

What happens when you have a camera phone, weather, and a few minutes before the bus will be coming to take you away, ha-ha, it's coming to take me away, ho-ho, hi-hi, ha-ha, to the funny farm. Ingredients: Lysaker Station, iPhone 5S, snow (DHMO-based, not snortable*), “natural” light, about twelve minutes, boredom, questionable sanity. No... Continue Reading →

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