Stare of a Crow

*stares in Crow* Click on the image to see bigger version on Flickr. I somehow get the feeling that this bird disapproves of something I've done. Like, taking his picture, or posting him on the Interwebs without first asking him for permission. Or for just being there to be looked disapprovingly at. There's nothing quite... Continue Reading →

Confronting the Sparrow

When I arrived at work today, having just parked in the basement garage and was headed for the entrance, I got intercepted and verbally assaulted by … a sparrow! I have no idea what he wanted, as my Sparrowish is worse than rusty, but for an entertaining couple of minutes the little feathered fellow was... Continue Reading →

What the Mighty Huntress brought in

After the initial shock of discovery has worn off, we're still debating whether she actually laid down her prey, or decided to go for the more characteristic approach of collecting fallen fruit, so to speak. Either way, this unfortunate feathered fellow had been discretely and unceremoniously deposited on the living room floor in our absence,... Continue Reading →

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