Basket Primadonna Case

In the several years since we got it, we've never actually caught Suri using her basket weave cat bed. We still haven't. This is the neighbour's cat's identical bed that she's taken up residence in. Poor Caesar isn't allowed to use his own, and she sure as heck won't let him use hers either. The … Continue reading Basket Primadonna Case


What the Mighty Huntress brought in

After the initial shock of discovery has worn off, we're still debating whether she actually laid down her prey, or decided to go for the more characteristic approach of collecting fallen fruit, so to speak. Either way, this unfortunate feathered fellow had been discretely and unceremoniously deposited on the living room floor in our absence, … Continue reading What the Mighty Huntress brought in

Curiosity and the Cat

  “What doesn't kill you, only makes you wiser,” said Curiosity to the cat. The cat didn't really listen. After all, Curiosity tended to go on and on about even the smallest trifles once it had something stuck in its mind, and the cat knew from experience how some of those trifles could lead to … Continue reading Curiosity and the Cat

Cats are amazing

Cats are the only life form known to Man, or Science, that can not only exist both as a liquid and as a semi-solid at room temperature, but also in a quantum state in which they possess all levels of liquidity, viscosity and elasticity in between. They are capable of both infinite inertia (infinite mass … Continue reading Cats are amazing