On Adoption – Birth Date Revised

If you're born in a Western country like England, Germany, Norway or USA, chances are that you're well aware of such little details as your date of birth. Being born and raised a Norwegian, besides remembering being thrilled whenever we celebrated my birthday as a child, I rarely give my date of birth much thought, … Continue reading On Adoption – Birth Date Revised


Gotcha Day — Making a Travesty of a Tragedy

Dear Holt International Children's Services. Today, January 9th, is the 45th anniversary of my better half's "Gotcha Day" in 1970, which YOU served to facilitate. You will no doubt be proud to know that this ruined her childhood and pretty much all of her adult life. She, like so many others, was adopted as an … Continue reading Gotcha Day — Making a Travesty of a Tragedy

Re-Homing of Adopted Children – These Aren’t Pets, Damnit!

In this five parter, Reuters present a shocking reality for adopted children. Many adoptees, most of them from overseas, are taken in by families who either lack the skills and knowledge required to properly care for children who have already suffered severe psychological trauma, do not speak or understand the language in their new homes, … Continue reading Re-Homing of Adopted Children – These Aren’t Pets, Damnit!

A word of support

I'd like to offer some words of support to bloggers, authors or others who receive hostile criticism, or even threats, from strangers or especially from family, because of their efforts to express themselves about traumatic childhoods: Denying children, whether biological or adopted, the right to speak out about the conditions under which they grew up, … Continue reading A word of support