A Thursday of Frozen Mist and Silhouettes

Thursday, November 26, was a chilly morning, but less so than the previous ones. Most of the snow and ice from earlier in the week was on retreat as the subzero temperatures had tripped clumsily over the freezing line and tumbled onto the plus side of the thermometer. Winters tend to be like that in... Continue Reading →


Sunset Clouds in Drammen

Quickly snapped a few (well, rather a lot, really; these are the best three of a bunch of about twenty) shots of the north-western horizon just after sunset, with the iPhone through a dirty bus window at speed on the E18 past Drammen, Norway. Clicking on the images will bring up larger versions on Flickr... Continue Reading →

Full Moon: Lunar Sortaclipse

Unlike the partial solar eclipse two weeks ago, of which I got a fleeting glimpse and a couple of modest shots, today's lunar eclipse happened on precisely the wrong side of the planet, meaning the only way I got to see it was through NASA's livestream from Griffith Observatory, as demonstrated by the screen grab... Continue Reading →

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