Motherboard Lost

Click image for larger version, or here to view on Flickr. I have absolutely no idea where this came from, or whose motherboard it is, or was, as the case may be. I can only assume that someone misunderstood about core training, and took her CPU cycles out for a spin. Sadly it seems the... Continue Reading →

Amiga: Happy 30th Anniversary!

Sometimes nostalgia comes up from nowhere and smacks you up the head. I only realized moments ago that today is the Commodore Amiga's 30th anniversary! And by 'realized' I mean it just suddenly appeared in my Facebook news feed from someone else who found out about it in much the same way. As a general... Continue Reading →

Remember — The Internet of You

The things, those weird and sometimes interesting things that occasionally drift across my computer screen on a cold, foggy Saturday afternoon of early spring … This time, accompanying my late-breakfast-bordering-on-lunch, an inspirational and/or thought-provoking speech by Antoine Cartier-Wells¹ brought to life in the YouTube video "The Social Revolution - Remember Me" by Devin "devinsupertramp" Graham.... Continue Reading →

Mysterious PC problem solved

I finally figured out what has been wrong with my oldest daughter's computer. After more than six months of reinstalling Windows® XP, changing cables and harddrives, keyboards and mice, testing the RAM chips and changing their configuration, trying out Windows 7 (installed like a breeze, by the way), editing and re-editing the BIOS settings, replacing... Continue Reading →

How to transfer your old Hamachi 1.x account to Hamachi²

LogMeIn has upgraded their Hamachi software from version 1.x to Hamachi². There are major differences between the two programs, and moving your existing setup from one to the other is not as straight-forward as one would wish. Scenario A: You already have Hamachi 1.x installed and running Simply install Hamachi². It will detect and transfer... Continue Reading →

Windows Vista and Google Earth EULA problem

If, like me, you have tried Google Earth on a computer with Windows Vista on it, chances are that you've encountered this little problem: Every time you start your computer, up pops a window entitled “Google Earth End User License Agreement” containing a message that says “The web page could not be displayed”, and the stupid thing... Continue Reading →

Rant: Mutually exclusive wireless and cabled network cards

This post has been transferred from an older blog, with minor edits and updates.Original post date: 15-Oct-2008. Know what's really frustrating? Wireless cards that become automatically disabled when you connect a network cable. What's with that? In tech support, where I work, I sometimes need to remote control the client's PC to help set up... Continue Reading →

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