All Your Social Media Are Belong to US

The Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security now want visitors to USA to surrender their social media login information before being allowed through security. "We want to get on their social media, with passwords: What do you do, what do you say?" [Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly] told the House Homeland Security Committee. … Continue reading All Your Social Media Are Belong to US


The Like Button

Note: this blog post is "in the raw" as it's written in a hurry, and its content may be edited later for corrections, additions, retractions or anything that fits the passing whims of the author. Recently there have been words in the press about Facebook's new and upcoming Unlike button, which differs greatly from earlier … Continue reading The Like Button

Before I Click That ‘Ignore’ Button Again

Occasionally I receive friend requests from people I don't know, of whom I've never heard before, and have no mutual contacts, groups, activities or interests. Those I categorically decline or ignore, on the grounds that they're likely to be laced with ill intent, either from people looking to drag me into various sorts of scams, … Continue reading Before I Click That ‘Ignore’ Button Again

Facebook: Thanks for nothing … again.

Dear Facebook. By all means, do tell me that someone I know has made a comment on someone else's post; a post with upwards of 2,500 comments, the majority of which are nested so that I'd have to click through about a hundred branchlets of comments and replies, and probably miss what I'm looking for … Continue reading Facebook: Thanks for nothing … again.