The Two Extremes

One side wants women to be objects of property, the other wants women to be objects of sexual desire, both of which are hardly different from the other in terms of respect for women as human beings.

There needs to be another version of this animation, where the woman slaps both men silly, then proceeds to wear and do whatever the heck she wants, and walks off with a man, or woman, who respects her and treats her as an equal.

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Link: 25 Reminders Of What ‘Obscene’ Really Is

Upset by Miley Cyrus’ recent performance much? Fancy using the word ‘obscene’ a lot, about girls and women, and their behaviour? Here’s a little perspective-twister. Some of these points are endemic to USA, others are global, just about all of them involve men and their attitudes towards women — and every single one of them is something that any culture or country or persons who consider themselves to be fair, just and good, ought to feel mortally ashamed of.

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