Sphere Chairs in Squares

Four Sphere Chairs in Four Squares. Not to be confused with FourSquare™, although that one's also about getting … around? This post is also published on my home page. But surely you've already noticed by now that they're really all variations of the the same picture of the same chair, taken with the same camera,... Continue Reading →

Through a Dirty Bus Window

I have a one hour bus ride home from work, and yes, the windows today were pretty dirty. That didn't matter much, because there was something of a fog as well. Now, fogs can be amazing, as they do all sorts of things to your surroundings, from artful to downright spooky. Then again, they can... Continue Reading →

Reblog: 10 bogus excuses that people use when they steal a photo from the Internet

Photographer Francis Vachon presents ten poor excuses for using photos you found on the Internet without asking permission, and explains precisely why they are poor excuses. As a hobby photographer, I find this highly relevant. Since it's about copyright, I felt a little awkward about simply copying the entire text to my blog, so this... Continue Reading →

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