The Burden of Death in Schools

"It has to stop. And spare me your Second-Amendment arguments. It’s all you’ve got. If you don’t have any other practical solution than MOAR GUNS, then you don’t get to participate in the conversation about what we do next to make this stop." — Jennifer Gadd I'm the son of a teacher, and indeed my … Continue reading The Burden of Death in Schools


All Your Social Media Are Belong to US

The Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security now want visitors to USA to surrender their social media login information before being allowed through security. "We want to get on their social media, with passwords: What do you do, what do you say?" [Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly] told the House Homeland Security Committee. … Continue reading All Your Social Media Are Belong to US

It Ain’t So Bad Here

So it's not perfect, not by a long shot, but as the author puts it, “a work in progress”, aiming for an ideal goal which, though perhaps not quite entirely reachable, helps guide us towards an increasingly beneficial society which works for, if not absolutely everyone, then at least as many as possible, and leaves … Continue reading It Ain’t So Bad Here

The Necessary Rainbow

First and foremost: Congratulations … to all LGBT people I know, as well as those that I don't, both in America and everywhere else. Hopefully this monumental change in USA, as of June 26th 2015, will have a positive influence on nations around the world that have yet to catch up and do the right … Continue reading The Necessary Rainbow

Well said about Obama’s health reform

“Obama's health care reform came through, despite the fact that many Americans have fought hard for the right to end up living on the street if they get sick.” (Knut Nærum, "Nytt på Nytt", 26-March-2010, translated from Norwegian) Well, actually I think it says more, and rightly so, about those opposed to the reform. I … Continue reading Well said about Obama’s health reform