Because everything has to be about something, right? Incidentally, this page is still being developed. Meaning it’s still being written. Or evolving. Blog-Darwinism at work.

About this Blog

This blog serves as a supplement to my homepages at bjornarhaveland.net and nightfallz.net, as an outlet for creative writing as well as my personal intellectual alibi. No guarantees are made regarding the contents of the posts herein; neither that they will be factually correct, nor that they will be entertaining, but efforts will be made to ensure that they are, whenever possible, both.

About the Author

My name is Bjørnar Haveland, self-proclaimed and largely self-taught computer geek. On the professional side I’ve been working in computer and Internet tech support since 2000. Outside of work I dabble in photography, along with stuff to do with computers and Internet. The nickname “inshadowz” has more or less been my official ‘net moniker since the turn of the century. I’m also a dad, forgetful, whimsical, romantically involved, occasionally childish, and equipped with a sense of humour that some to my considerable amusement find utterly annoying.

I speak Norwegian (native) and English (nearly native). Plus Swedish which gets better the drunker I get, and slight Danish for which I have to be really drunk before I even get started. I have enough German on board to survive in a pinch, and barely enough French to get my face slapped.

Working to make the world a better place, one computer or internet connection at a time.

I exist elsewhere on the net as well; this list of links should provide something of a crumb trail for those with an inquisitive inclination.

I’m fortyish and Norwegian, have two daughters, a girlfriend and a cat.

“Growing older is mandatory. Growing up is optional.”

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