Windows ‘could not connect to all network drives’

Innocent, but annoying, and should be easier to fix than it is. Important: Please read the disclaimer section at the end before you attempt to do any of the things described in this article. The problem Every time I start my computer, I get the annoying error message "Windows could not connect to all network... Continue Reading →

Red Twins

Random sighting of two ancient communication enclosures in Manchester, England, shortly prior to the Great Continental Exodus of the early Third Millennium, CE. Click to view larger version on Flickr ~ · ~“That belongs in a museum!”— Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.~ · ~ The apparent likeness to similarly sized and shaped portable enclosures for personal... Continue Reading →

Older photo from the back archives. Click image for a larger view on “I … was … here.” A temporary signature, on a slightly less temporary canvas, by a temporary being, in a slightly less temporary world. None of this is permanent. Photography is about capturing moments, as, if or when they happen. Mostly... Continue Reading →

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