Truth in the trenches

Others say it better than I do, but here goes.There is a sinister agenda, or a war, Russian or otherwise, to undermine the value and reputation of scientific work and knowledge, which is gaining momentum at a frightening rate. Science is being contested by nonsense, and so far it looks as if science is losing.Moreover,... Continue Reading →


Insult to injury

It's not until you suffer a little (but painful) cut to your right hand's middle finger, that you realise how much you use it to express yourself.No, I'm not talking about sign language¹. That part still works fine. The problem has to do with typing, both privately and professionally, of which I do a lot!... Continue Reading →

All Your Social Media Are Belong to US

The Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security now want visitors to USA to surrender their social media login information before being allowed through security. "We want to get on their social media, with passwords: What do you do, what do you say?" [Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly] told the House Homeland Security Committee.... Continue Reading →

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