At the Top of Tenerife

Click on the image to view larger version on Flickr. El Teide, Tenerife, 2004. As far as I can recall, this is the highest I've ever been without the aid of an actual airplane, and definitely the first and so far only time I've ever been in or on a volcano. The peak, which towers... Continue Reading →

If iCloud Drive Gets Stuck

Edit: Although initially the solution described below seemed to work, the problem reappeared in less than a week. However this time it seems to come and go, as opposed to not working at all. Your experience may vary. I use iCloud Drive on a Windows 10 computer, and it worked well until recently when all... Continue Reading →

Red Twins

Random sighting of two ancient communication enclosures in Manchester, England, shortly prior to the Great Continental Exodus of the early Third Millennium, CE. Click to view larger version on Flickr ~ · ~“That belongs in a museum!”— Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.~ · ~ The apparent likeness to similarly sized and shaped portable enclosures for personal... Continue Reading →

Older photo from the back archives. Click image for a larger view on “I … was … here.” A temporary signature, on a slightly less temporary canvas, by a temporary being, in a slightly less temporary world. None of this is permanent. Photography is about capturing moments, as, if or when they happen. Mostly... Continue Reading →

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