Energize the Overmass

I'm not fat! I, uh, just have a little bit of extra accumulated energy storage. OK, maybe a bit more than just a little bit. Don't believe me? There's science to back that up. Honest. The math Because — and I did the numbers on this — if my surplus body weight (~30 kg) underwent a... Continue Reading →


Forgetting Passwords

It's perfectly human to forget passwords. After all, most of us have a whole bunch of them, too many to keep track of in your head, especially when they all have to be different, and long and complex enough to be reasonably unbreakable. What most people seldom realise is, in most cases it's perfectly all right... Continue Reading →

All Your Social Media Are Belong to US

The Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security now want visitors to USA to surrender their social media login information before being allowed through security. "We want to get on their social media, with passwords: What do you do, what do you say?" [Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly] told the House Homeland Security Committee.... Continue Reading →

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