The Pip Has Left The Nest

This my tree.

After almost two weeks with us, and at an estimated age of three, we found we couldn’t keep the little great tit indoors anymore, because it was literally up the walls, so yesterday we took it outside and released it to the wild.

I’m by no means qualified to judge fowl moods, but it seemed quite happy to finally give its wings a good, proper stretch. So far it has been circling the nearest houses, perching on chimneys and gutters, and found itself a nice, relaxing spot in a nearby apple tree.

Amusingly it still hangs around our oldest when she’s out, and approaches when she calls for it. Clearly the chick/mommy bond isn’t quite broken yet. From what I understand it’s at an age when its parents would still help it find food, so we’ll be keeping a close eye and try to help it out if needed.

Please help by wishing it the best of luck 😊

You be there?

Down there?

Up there you be?

Hiding over there?

Oh, there you be!

• • •

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