The new COSMOS series of 2014 is presently making its way across TV screens around the world, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I do however think it’s important that people also watch the 1980 original with Carl Sagan. Some of the science may be outdated (some of the episodes have addendums with science updates), but the spirit of the original series remains as relevant now as it was then, and the voice of Carl Sagan is captivating in ways that is difficult for anyone to match.

Episode 1: “The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean”

Episode 2: One Voice In The Cosmic Fugue

Episode 3: Harmony Of The Worlds

Episode 4: Heaven And Hell

Episode 5: Blues For A Red Planet

Episode 6: Traveller’s Tales

Episode 7: The Backbone of Night

Episode 8: Travels in Space and Time

Episode 9: The Lives of the Stars

Episode 10: The Edge of Forever

Episode 11: The Persistence of Memory

Episode 12: Encyclopaedia Galactica

Episode 13: Who Speaks For Earth

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