Red Monday Morning

Monday Morning Sleepy Sunrise Revealing the Red Eye of the East. January 8th, 2018, at a quarter to nine. Technical: Shot in RAW and edited on iPhone SE using Lightroom Mobile.


Seven Days Seven Photos

You may or may not have noticed the current Facebook trend, which revolves around posting a black and white photo of, well, anything you like, every day for seven days, one photo per day, and with each photo you will challenge or nominate someone else to do the same. Everyday B&W Photo. “Seven days, seven … Continue reading Seven Days Seven Photos

An American Eclipse in Donaldland

"This American solar eclipse, a terrific eclipse, believe me, and I know this, and it's one hundred percent American, not Mexican, and not Chinese, even if those fake news sites will have you believe so, which happens just in my first year as President, an amazing year so far, is far more spectacular, amazingly spectacular, … Continue reading An American Eclipse in Donaldland

Eclipse? Think again!

So you're another one of those sheeple who actually believe that the super hyped solar eclipse is really going to happen, just because “the scientists” said so? Well, think again! Ok, so it's a satirical article, but here's what I would've said if it and the stuff I wrote above was intended to be serious. … Continue reading Eclipse? Think again!