Energize the Overmass


I’m not fat! I, uh, just have a little bit of extra accumulated energy storage. OK, maybe a bit more than just a little bit.

Don’t believe me? There’s science to back that up. Honest.

The math

Because — and I did the numbers on this — if my surplus body weight (~30 kg) underwent a direct mass to energy conversion (E = m c²), and that number of Joules (J) were translated into volts and amps and all them sorts of electrical things (1 W = 1 J/s), that should be enough to power New York City at today’s rate (averaging 11,000 MWh/day) for just about 186 years.

Going boom

However, if a mass of 30 kg underwent an instant direct mass to energy conversion, then that would amount to 645 megatons (1 MT = 4.184E+15J), or six and a half full-blown (and blowin’ up) Tsar Bombas, so I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it when or if it goes off. Which complicates matters a bit because said kilograms are located right around my waistline.

I can only hope that it doesn’t spontaneously go full thermonuclear any time soon!

And if that isn’t incentive enough to send anyone dieting in a panic, I don’t know what is.

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