Sphere Chairs in Squares

Four Sphere Chairs in Four Squares.

Not to be confused with FourSquare™, although that one’s also about getting … around?

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But surely you’ve already noticed by now that they’re really all variations of the the same picture of the same chair, taken with the same camera, right?

There’s the occasional occasion when I see something, and try to put an artistic twist on it. In fact, that’s at least half the things that I try to capture, with or without much or any hint of success. Spheres are cool. Lighting is cool. Changing between colour and grey scale is also cool. I fumblingly seek perfection, though I rarely if ever find it, or even remotely manage to live up to it when I do, but sometimes I simply like something I just did but just can’t make up my mind as to how I want it, and end up wanting to have it every way at once. This, I guess, is one of those times, hence the near endless abundance of four different takes on the same picture. I can only beg your patience.

This chair — and yes, it is a chair — has been silently screaming for my attention for some time. There are a good, hefty number of them strewn around the place, alone or in pairs or flocks, in corridors, office rooms, recreational areas, despite being almost impossible to sit comfortably in if you’re more than five feet tall¹, and … and … and sometimes they catch the light just the right way, or proportions or perspective, or just the way they stand next to each other in formation, like silent planets in frozen orbits around each other within the confines of this particular architectural space. Today it caught the light just right.

1) Five feet as in one metre fifty, whereas yours truly is a sphere-chair-defying whopping six foot four, as in one metre ninety-three. The pain is real.

Plus they’re rather a lot like the ones used in the first Men In Black movie, even if subtly different, so there’s that to consider as well.

Dark colour.

Light colour.

Light grey.

Dark grey.

Which brings us to the conclusion of this long drawn adventure. If you’re still here then I commend you on your persistence, and thank you for your patience in the hope that it was worth your while, and welcome you, finally and most warmly, to the end of this blog post. It has been my pleasure, and hopefully yours as well.

Until next time, sincerely,


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