Insult to injury

It’s not until you suffer a little (but painful) cut to your right hand’s middle finger, that you realise how much you use it to express yourself.

No, I’m not talking about sign language¹. That part still works fine. The problem has to do with typing, both privately and professionally, of which I do a lot! Just how many key presses do I use my middle finger for? Many!

So now I have to compensate for my useless middle finger by instead (and rather awkwardly, like having to do handwriting with your left because your right hand is out of commission) using my index and ring finger for those key strokes, and the resulting number of typos due to bad aim and missed keys is bothering me even more than the cut. Talk about adding insult to injury.

It almost tempts me to express my dismay with sign language.

• • •

¹) You know the one.

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