Black TIE Down!

Does a crashed TIE fighter count as endangered wildlife? If so, I've been photographing endangered wildlife in Oslo today! Apparently someone was in a hurry to get to the première in time, so a few minor dents in the vehicle may have to be expected. However, parking illegally like this is bordering on ridiculous. A … Continue reading Black TIE Down!


The Force Awakens: Trailers

The second teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens was released today. Here are the first and the second trailer, in that order for chronological enjoyment. Christmas is indeed inching slowly closer. Yes, we're coming home! Teaser Trailer #1 - Published on 28 Nov 2014   Teaser Trailer #2 - Published on … Continue reading The Force Awakens: Trailers

Back to Mars – Ak Ohum Oktay Weez Barsoom

Re-watching the Disneyfication of Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1912 creation tonight. I originally read the book in 2012*, just before watching the movie in the theatre … which was really a waste of time because Disney had changed just about everything about it, and made more shortcuts and detours than I think old Edgar would have … Continue reading Back to Mars – Ak Ohum Oktay Weez Barsoom

Lucy: Digging Into the Other 90 Percent

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe: New Movie, Lucy, Promotes 10% Brain Myth For the record I confess that I have not yet watched "Lucy", nor seen the trailer (I generally avoid trailers as they tend to give away too much, leaving nothing but "Ah, yeah, I've seen this already" for the actual movie — … Continue reading Lucy: Digging Into the Other 90 Percent