It Ain’t So Bad Here

So it's not perfect, not by a long shot, but as the author puts it, “a work in progress”, aiming for an ideal goal which, though perhaps not quite entirely reachable, helps guide us towards an increasingly beneficial society which works for, if not absolutely everyone, then at least as many as possible, and leaves … Continue reading It Ain’t So Bad Here


A Call to Arms: Hello, This is Fear Speaking

For as long as I've lived, and long before that, Norway has taken pride in being one of the few nations in the world where police do not carry weapons, specifically firearms. Now, about two weeks ago there was a terrorist scare; no actual attack ever took place, but according to the Norwegian Police Security … Continue reading A Call to Arms: Hello, This is Fear Speaking

May the 17th be with you!

It's the 17th of May 2014, Constitution Day, and the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814. At risk of seeming slightly sub-par on the patriotism scale, we decided for once (and by for once I mean for the first time) to sleep in and spend the day in … Continue reading May the 17th be with you!

Tønsberg — From Hollywood to reality

As a resident of a small and, from a global perspective, relatively anonymous town in Norway (ten out of nine Americans would be unable to place it on a map) it's always nice to notice international recognition, even if the recognition in question is bordering on unrecognisable, barely noticeable without subtitles, which brings it to … Continue reading Tønsberg — From Hollywood to reality

Four-Deer Wildlife Encounter

Moments are brief, they arrive unannounced, and if you don't pay attention they'll be gone before you even notice them. So also with this one, which occurred on February 21, a Friday, just before 7 pm,. In a time span of more or less what it takes to shake your head and wonder what just happened, … Continue reading Four-Deer Wildlife Encounter